Enjoy a Competitive Edge and Build with the Latest Technology!

Throughout Texas, homebuyers are becoming more savvy about how homes are built, including the types of materials used and the thought put into the design of the home. It's the biggest investment most people will ever make, so quality is key. Wouldn't you like to offer your customers a way to enjoy more comfortable rooms all year, reduced energy costs and even freedom from seasonal allergies and pests inside their homes?

With the Entergy Solutions High-Performance Homes Program, you can do all of this and more!

  1. Leverage financial incentives to improve the efficiency of your homes.
  2. Learn during free technical and sales training offered by the program.
  3. Get ongoing guidance and support of a dedicated Account Manager.
  4. Take advantage of free marketing support including free co-branded marketing materials.
  5. Enjoy a competitive advantage for your homes.

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George Cornwell

Account Manager


Lauren Grochmal

Account Manager