Features and Benefits of High-Performance Homes

Before the slab was poured or the first nail was hammered on an Entergy Solutions High-Performance Home, the participating homebuilder put his or her knowledge about energy-efficient design to use to ensure the home would meet program guidelines for energy efficiency. The benefits listed below are typical features you may find in a High-Performance or ENERGY STAR certified home. Talk to your homebuilder about any specific features that are important to you in your purchase decision.

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Tight Construction

Tight construction eliminates drafts, moisture, dust, pests and pollen and contributes to healthier indoor air and a more comfortable home.

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Tight Ducts

Tight ducts contribute to lowering your energy use, improve the quality of air in your home and help maintain a comfortable temperature throughout all rooms.

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High-Performance Windows

High-performance windows provide money-saving benefits and muffle outside noise, blanketing your home in comfort and quiet.

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Heating and Cooling Equipment

Energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment, when sized properly, requires less maintenance and lasts longer. This is especially important for air conditioning units, as a properly sized system works much more efficiently and helps to control humidy - crucial in the Southeast Texas climate!

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ENERGY STAR labeled products use less energy, helping you to save on energy costs. In addition, these products meet strict standards, giving them increased quality and durability.

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Energy-Efficient Lighting

Energy-efficient lighting systems use less energy and also significantly reduce the heat added to living spaces, saving even more energy by reducing cooling demands. Your home will be brighter, feel more comfortable and stay cooler in summer.

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Independent inspection and testing through the Entergy Solutions High-Performance Homes Program provides assurance that your home's features were designed and installed properly and that your home's performance is verified through rigorous nationally approved inspection and testing standards.

Want all this and more in your new home? Find a homebuilder in your area today!